The sequel has arrived!

Some called it "the best SIGGRAPH party ever." 

The closing night of SIGGRAPH'08, at The Forest of Mirrors, in Woodland Hills, a suburb of Los Angeles.
A veritable who's who of CG attended.

Well, we're doing it again.

Allen Battino, Philippe Bergeron and Joan Collins invite you to join us on the closing night of SIGGRAPH 2012. 

Thursday, August 9th 2012 - 8pm.

In case you haven't received your Evite, simply register below. You should get it shortly. But remember, you must've been active in CG in the 80's...

For those of you who became a part our amazing industry after the 80's, there will be a suggested donation of $25 at the door.


This is just to register for the invitation, which will come later...

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Company (now):
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